You’re Not Alone!

by Lorena Oplinger

“Stand Up For Your Sisters” is an annual program created to allow female students the opportunity to talk about things that are painful and difficult for them to deal with. This program was held last Thursday, Feb. 7, in the McClain Auditorium at 9 p.m. The participants spent the evening talking about the issues that cause their pain and struggles and one of the counselors shared her personal experiences with the students.

This program is organized and hosted every year by Resident Life Directors from the Department of Students Affairs. There are many female students in our Grace community who have been struggling with many difficult issues. Therefore, the main focus of Stand Up For Your Sisters is to help female students connect with one another and learn from each other experiences.

More than 200 participants, including Grace students, resident directors and counselors attended the program this year. “‘Stand Up For Your Sisters’ seeks to help female students see that they are not alone,” stated Tianna Frischmann, one of the Residence Directors within the Student Affairs Department.

On Thursday, the participants were asked to fill out an anonymous survey with a list of general and personal questions. The directors gathered their answers and distributed the surveys to every student in the auditorium. Each question was read out loud, and the students were invited to stand up every time a specific question applied to their own lives.

Tianna Frischmann, Brie Heim, and Rachel McGregor are the current Resident Directors within the Office of Student Affairs. Brileigh Malott, Megan Geary, and Hannah Navarro are the Assistant Resident Directors. They helped with the planning, organization and coordination of this program.

For the past four or five years, the students’ growth groups, a small connecting group that meets once a week on campus, required the students to attend this program. However, for the very first time, the Student Affairs Department decided to make this program optional for the participants this year. “Stand Up For Your Sisters” meets each spring during Session A.

For more information, please contact Tianna Frischmann at

Image above: Tianna Frischmann, the RD of Alpha, is entirely supportive of Stand Up For Your Sisters, annually helping in the organization and planning of each event.