Wycliffe is Pursuing Millennials Who Will Finish the Task

by Hannah Hubbard

Wycliffe Bible Translators is seeking millennials because they are confident that this is the generation that will fulfill the Great Commission. The Great Commission comes from an interpretation of Matthew 28:16-20, which says Jesus will return when all people on the earth have heard about Christ, . Wycliffe works to translate the Bible into “heart languages” (first languages) to make Christ accessible to all people.

Alan Starr is a representative from Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Alan Starr, a college campus recruiter for Wycliffe Bible Translators, comes to the Conference on Missions to find the individuals who will contribute to this ultimate goal. He taught a seminar on Wednesday, “Millennials In Mission: Reaching Your Destiny, Finishing the Task,” focused on the fact that millennials will soon outnumber the baby boomer generation in the workforce. Starr said the technology abilities millennials have will bring Bible translation to its “finish line.”

Starr has been coming to Grace as a representative for Wycliffe for nine years. He understands that meeting with the many mission reps can be overwhelming for students. He explains that working at an organization is “hooking your trailer to that missions’ vision.”

Working with Wycliffe is working towards the goal of seeing the translation of the Bible finished, language by language. Starr said, “I think bringing the Bible to people in their language is a worthwhile goal to keep in mind.” One of Wycliffe’s visions is called 2025, meaning that they would like to have a translation project started in every language by the year 2025. This will not happen unless millennials catch the vision. “Without millennial engagement, the Great Commission cannot be accomplished,” Starr stated.