Women’s Soccer Shut Out by Indiana Wesleyan

by Flavia Faria

MARION, Ind.- The Grace College women’s soccer team allowed the cold weather to freeze the first half of their game on Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2017, while playing against Indiana Wesleyan University. The Wildcats earned a 3-0 victory against the Lady Lancers.

The Grace College women’s soccer team did not start the game the way they had planned. The rain, mist and low temperatures made the game difficult for the Lady Lancers, allowing the Wildcats to score their first goal in the first five minutes of the match.

Grace did not back off, but the Wildcats took advantage of their ineptitude. They were able to secure their victory in the first half of the game, scoring two more times on the Lady Lancers.

The second half seemed to be a totally different game. The Lady Lancers came out very aggressively, and they executed their game plan with passion, outshooting the Wildcats 10-0. The Lady Lancers worked relentlessly until the final whistle, and the last play of the game nearly turned into a goal for the Lady Lancers.

The senior goalkeeper, Abby Schue, came nearly 80 yards off her line to take a free-kick for the Lady Lancers. She took a perfect touch, placing the ball on Flavia Faria’s head, but unluckily, the ball went slightly over the goal.

Unfortunately, the game did not end the way the Lady Lancers expected, and they suffered another loss in the Crossroads League. Even in hard games like this, when the situation is not in their favor, the Lady Lancers persevere and work hard to represent Christ on and off the field.

Liz Van Wormer finesses one of her shots on goal against Indiana Wesleyan University. Photo credit: Josh Neuhart