Where in the World is John Sloat?

By Brittany Misencik

When walking around the dorm loop, the “Beta is good” flag has previously resounded proudly in front of the Beta fortress. The community, love, and brotherhood representing Beta is well known throughout campus, but what may not be so well-known is the face that used to wait behind it.

John Sloat, former RD of Beta, Kent, and Encompass, still holds a legacy at Grace College despite his recent change in position. As of June 2018, Sloat accepted a position within the Seminary department of Grace to work with blended students- “students pursuing a bachelor’s and master’s degree in four years”, according to Grace.edu- in ministry. In this position he has the ability to teach, as well as play a role in student development in a new way, which he has found he very much enjoys.

Although Sloat had to make a lot of sacrifices for this position, Sloat takes joy in his job description to “recruit, train, and get [students] placed in some kind of ministry context.” One aspect of community living that Sloat recognized missing was his friendship and comradery with other RD’s. “Our campus has great RD’s,” Sloat said, “I miss seeing them more regularly.” He also looks back on the experiences and memories he was able to create living among other college students. One of his favorite memories of his time spent living in Beta that truly captured its goodness was “winning t-shirt chapel on Beta’s 50th birthday,” Sloat recalls.

Despite living in his own place now, Sloat is still able to participate in resident events. Already this year Sloat was asked to be a speaker in Kent for one of the adult-themed discussions, and also made an appearance at the re-occurring event of Kent Thanksgiving dinner as honorary turkey chef. You can also catch Sloat leading students overseas throughout Taiwan and in mystery locations across the globe to get a sense for his natural leadership and humility in encountering new cultures.

After Sloat’s change in status, the lingering question arises: what’s next for Sloat? Staying true to his spontaneous mind and servant’s heart, Sloat admits that he is happy with growing where he is right now and wants to be present there. “I just want to do my job with excellence and faithfulness going forward.” Wherever Sloat ends up next, we can be sure that he will be doing just that, living to grow friendships with whoever is in his path.

Image above: Sloat stands in front of a sign for Milkglider Latteartist Unity, a café in Taipei, Taiwan.