When God Has a Plan: the Scott Moore Story

by Ethan Horst

After spending a season in Australia and a season in China, Scott Moore was unsure
where his life was headed. He used those opportunities to play basketball and travel as an
opportunity to share the Gospel, but also as a way to delay making a decision about the
direction for his life. Despite his own confusion and uncertainty, God had a plan for how Moore
should use his life, and steered him down that path.
Moore grew up in Columbia City, and his oldest brother, Matt, played basketball at
Grace. Both Scott and his twin, Marcus, grew up knowing about the program and Coach Kessler
through their older brother and the basketball camps at Grace. When they were looking at
colleges, they were purely judging based upon their options to play basketball. They settled on
Grace independently, and each thought the other was going to a different school.
However, when Moore arrived Grace, he knew instantly he made the right choice; he
could “just feel it.” Moore said he “came to play ball,” but he “left a man of God.” and he became

Scott Moore and his wife, Bridget.

the man he is now because of many of the people he encountered at Grace.
Moore graduated from Grace College with a degree in secondary education with a focus on social studies, and planned on becoming a  high school history teacher and coach; however, after the two seasons abroad in two of the fittest countries in the world, Moore got a new passion. He enjoyed learning and teaching about history, but fitness became a passion. He immediately got his physical trainer’s license and joined his brother at Mt. Vernon Nazarene. He
also started dating the woman who would become his wife, while she lived 3 and a half hours away. He spent three years coaching there before he reached what he describes as a “landmark moment” that changed his entire life.
At the end of his third year at Mt. Vernon Nazarene, Moore went to his brother and told him that he would not be returning as a coach the next year. He wanted to see if he and his girlfriend, at the time, would work out, and he was ready to give up the coaching position to see
it happen. That night, he got a call from Coach Kessler. He can remember his words clearly,
“Hey Scott, what are you doing?” Kessler invited Moore to return to Grace and take a position
as an assistant coach. Moore jumped at the chance, moved back, got engaged, and became
the strength and conditioning coach for Grace’s basketball team.
In the six years since he returned, Moore’s responsibilities have expanded. He has
coached the men’s basketball team and the women’s tennis team, as well as covering athletic
performance, or strength and conditioning, for all the athletic teams. He is also the director of
the Gordon Rec Center, and a professor in the sports management and exercise science
programs. Currently, he is teaching facility management in Spring B. While he considers his
education degree a valuable resource, he has spent exactly zero days teaching social studies,
as he had planned.
However different his original plan was, Moore is passionate about his current
opportunities. He loves fitness and athletics, but he also loves college students. He is
passionate about seeing students chase a dream and walk at graduation.
Moore also sees fitness and physical health as important and honoring to God. He
describes the human body as an incredible, God-given machine that we need to take care of,
but proper care is holistic; mental, physical and spiritual health all need to be balanced. For physical health, he says it’s important to sleep and eat well in addition to being active for at least
10 to 15 minutes a day. For students who may be unsure about how to improve their fitness,
Moore says “it’s never too late to come in and learn.”