Campus Life

What to Expect with the 3-Year Program

By Destiny Blake

What’s the thing that separates Grace College from the rest of the colleges in the world? Well, a lot of things, but there’s one that stands out from the rest. The three-year program is something Grace College advertises for any degree, as a way to save money for your schooling. But does it truly help you in the long run? Does it allow you to develop what you need aside from academics during college?

I talked with a recent graduate, Tiffanee Fouts, about what it’s like in the real world after graduating from college in three years instead of four. Fouts transferred to Grace College for her second and third years.

Fouts is currently working for Vitality Health Systems as a health coach. They work on using natural remedies instead of traditional medicines to help people. She got the job through her father.

When asked if she felt prepared for the real world, Fouts answered, “I’m not sure how much more prepared I would have been with one more year.”

I also talked with Alexa Schneider, another recent graduate of the three-year plan. Schneider said that she felt “the three-year program was a lot like having studied for four, with summer classes acting as an in-between year.”

Schneider also did the three-year program because she didn’t want to leave herself in more debt than she needed to. She currently lives in her hometown and is working at a local coffee shop. She would have liked to go into full-time ministry, but is “waiting on the Lord to open doors.”

Both of these graduates went through the three-year program and came out with nothing but good things to say about it. When thinking about Grace, a good question is: Is the three-year program right for you?