Campus Life

What To Do When You “Grow Up”

By Andrew Pepe

We all have that time during our college life where we can see the finish line and we have to start preparing for our future after graduation. It may be hard at first to think about what to do and how to prepare for post-graduation. But I believe what’s important to realize is that we may not be able to find our perfect job within our degree at first, but we need to keep persevering and send resumes to many different places in order to reach our goal.

While I was speaking with Steve Carlson about this very topic, he provided me with many different pieces of advice. The first involves controlling our emotions. Things may not work at first, but we need to keep persevering and fight to obtain the job we desire. We need to take notice that this is not about us, but it is about the One who got us here to begin with. Whatever happens is in God’s plans for us, so this being said, perseverance is crucial throughout this time.

Another useful piece of advice involves cleaning up social media websites. It is crucial to delete pictures and posts that may show a future company or boss a sense of unprofessionalism. Many bosses and employers look at this thoroughly to see what a person contains on a website.

Another advice involves partnering with the Grace College Career Services Office by attending the Senior Circuit events this spring and also attending the local job fairs that they are coordinating for you while setting up an appointment to have them review your resumé and cover letter. Grace College provides students with this as a help regarding our future after Grace College. Applying for jobs and striving to become a worker in a place also requires researching an employer. This could be helpful in obtaining a job. A good way of doing this would be spending time researching 10 facts about the employer and considering what type of employee you want to be before going into an interview. Another important thing would be asking yourself what you would do in the position if you actually got the job. A person can actually practice and rehearse what to say before the actual interview itself.

An important thing that is worth remembering is that having a degree does not necessarily give you the right to a job, but it puts you in the conversation. Most people that you go up against will have a degree; the biggest key is finding something that sets you apart from others and displaying that uniqueness to an employer. Employers want people who have special and unique qualities that can help their industry in great ways. Everyone wants and needs a job, so distinguishing yourself from other competitors is huge.