Arts & Culture

What Are You Listening To?

by JT Jacobson and Liz Palmer


As our campus grows, so does the music taste of our students. This week JT Jacobson and Liz Palmer relate their top five favorite bands and why they are worth listening to. Enjoy!


JT’s Top 5

Beach House

They have the ability to create such a huge, sombre sound. They play a very laid back style of music, great for sitting and vibing to.

The Xx

They create fantastic songs with minimal instruments, leaving the sound open, but not wanting. Their music sounds as though you are deep in a dark cave, hearing ominous sounds coming from somewhere even further back. You are drawn to it, searching for the sound to grow, but it never does. It always sounds minimal. It is unlike most music out today.


It’s the little details with this band from Denmark. They have so many little sounds in each of their songs that you normally cannot hear through normal speakers. You need to listen to them with good headphones on in order to get the full effect.

Jack White

For anyone who likes the White Stripes, you will love Jack White. It is a lot of “punch you in the mouth, take your lunch money, and then apologize for it all” style of music. Very upbeat and fun, but he also has the ability to take the mood way down in some of the songs.

Grizzly Bear

My band of the year. Their new album is fantastic through and through. It’s very upbeat, fun, dance-around-with-your-friends type music. And yet at the same time, you want to sit back and take it all in. Again, you need to listen to them with headphones on in order to get the full effect of the music.


Liz’s Top 5


I have honestly loved this band since seventh grade. From solid rock music to light alternative, their sound has changed and improved over the years and their lyrics are to die for. Every member of their band is extremely good at what they do and they have a sound that is all their own. They are also one of the only bands I can say sounds better live then they do recorded— they are definitely worth seeing live.


This band is just fun. Their electronic sound is both invigorating and makes you want to dance. Again, I have seen them perform live and they are so creative to see live. This band, comprised of two talented French DJ’s, is worth listening to and they are excellent driving music.

Bombay Bicycle Club

Over the summer I got the chance to see this band live and fell in love with them. They are an extremely talented, light-hearted band with great lyrics and a festive sound. Their music has many moods and tones, which makes for great variety.

Sigur Ros

This band is just inspiring. Having both been to Iceland and seen them live, I can honestly say they have one of the most original sounds I have ever heard. Their lead guitarist plays with a violin bow, for goodness sake. Their ambiance and quality are extremely different and color

The Avett Brothers

This is a new addition to my list of bands worth listening to, but after seeing them live Sunday night, I fell in love. Anyone who likes Mumford and Sons (another favorite of mine, but you’ll hear about that next week) will aThey drift somewhere in between country music and folk, and even I (who cannot stand country) love their sound, use of orchestral instruments, and lyrics. They are fun, talented, and love what they do.


More views are to come in the future! In the meantime, enjoy these two opinions and go grab yourself an iTunes gift card.