Campus Life

View From the Village

Homecoming is one of the highlights of any young adult’s life. The memories and electric atmosphere stay with you for life! Nothing can compare with a classic homecoming. The Village has many fond memories of nights spent dancing and laughing at such occasions. Many of the couples remember their first dances and the smiles spread wide across their faces. The twinkle in John’s eye as he talks of how beautiful his wife looked while they were at the dance is precious. One would be hard-pressed to find an individual who enjoyed homecoming more than Prof. J.D. Woods. He recalls working on the floats for the homecoming parade. I think we should start that tradition here at Grace. His football team always lost, but at least he had one! In the ‘60s there were really great bands that would be hired and work at the dances. They would play rock and everyone went crazy dancing. The best bands according to J.D. were Purple Haze and Manic Depression. J.D. has probably been to more homecomings than anyone else in history! Mary Ann Cobb and Beverly Jungbauer also reminisced fondly over their homecomings. Obviously they were hot stuff at those dances and all eyes were on them. They said that it was an event you just couldn’t miss. Everyone goes to homecoming: that’s just a fact.