Campus Life

View from the Village: Always a Surprise

by Katie VanSloten


Since moving into the Village, my adventuring has greatly increased. I now have the input of experienced adventurers. You would be surprised how incredible the ideas of an 80-year-old can be. I’ve heard suggestions to catch snakes off the roof, hide behind the doorway to scare people and throwing toilet paper at cars on the road. I may not follow through with all these ideas, but I sure am excited to take Bobby on our next adventure night.

A few weeks ago, I was walking down the hallway and overheard an intense argument. I walked slowly around the corner (not wanting to interrupt), and saw an older woman yelling at the maintenance man about the Venetian lace on the counter. Apparently, he wanted to replace it and she was not a fan of this suggestion.

While occasionally hesitant toward change, the folks over here are very resourceful and good at saving things. I was over in assisted living and the women were washing their plastic plates and forks. The other week, I was given a poster of dogs that a lady had kept for over fifteen years! The give and take table is an awesome place to get old treasures. My roommate can attest to that, considering our room is now loaded with “new” items. Life in the Village is full of such precious surprises