Campus Life

View from the Village: Always a Surprise

by Katie VanSloten


I’m going to take a moment to talk about how great the Village is.

For one thing, everyone is constantly checking to see how I’m doing and if I’m enjoying being here. I obviously say yes. Another fantastic benefit is Bingo nights. There’s a solid group of Grace kids who come and we have so much fun! Granted, I never win . . . but that’s besides the point. Possibly the best part is the 75 cent laundry(CLEAN YOUR LINT OUT LADIES)!

I take it back, nothing can compare with living across from Bobbie. Not only does she share her sweets with me, but she tries all of my cooking! Goodness knows that I burn water. She even tried my orange cinnamon marshmallow fluff muffins! There is one issue between us though: my jealousy! Bobbie still has her natural hair color. While I find gray hairs on a regular basis, she has the luscious locks of a 25-year-old. Oh well, I still think she’s pretty great.