Upperclassmen Guys Triumph during Beanie Bowl

by Abby Phinney

Freshmen (in orange) defend their end zone from the upperclassmen.

Rain sputtered from the nighttime sky; generator-powered lights illuminated Beta Field. Two teams of young men, half in orange and the rest in pink, faced each other across the line of scrimmage. They were mere feet from the end zone. In the final play, quarterback Jackson Zvers hiked the ball and passed it off to Brett Carson, who slipped through an opening and sealed the game with a winning touchdown. The upperclassmen guys had beaten the freshmen and won the Beanie Bowl!

After Thursday’s preliminary games, one of which ended in a freshmen victory, the final game on Friday night was a chance for the upperclassmen to prove their worth. Led by Coach Caleb Ware, the team gathered their pride and marched confidently into the championship.

“The guys who played practiced twice before the game on Thursday,” said Ware. “Some of them practiced before the final championship game, too. I was especially proud of their last game. Even though the weather was not in their favor, the team still managed to hold good defense. They were all about teamwork and inclusiveness to make sure everyone could play.”

The freshmen played hard but their performance was punctured by several mistakes. Justin Clink, quarterback for the freshmen, threw for three interceptions, two of which were caught by Brad Christenberry. They also had two safeties. And despite the defense’s best efforts, third-year student Nolan Miller proved too quick during several running plays, resulting in huge yard gains for the upperclassmen.

The game was well-attended. Huddled under umbrellas, fans lined the sidelines and cheered their friends onward.