Campus Life

Tips for Self-Defense at Grace

By Katelyn Minder

Recently, a woman was attacked while in the parking lot of the CVS in Warsaw. Although these kinds of incidents do not happen often in our area, it does raise the question: “What if that happened to me?” Here are a few things that are good to know just in case.

First, be aware of your surroundings. That means occasionally you should look up from your phone! If something does not look right, it probably isn’t. You can carry a knife with a blade smaller than 3 1/2 inches on campus if that helps you feel more secure. Additionally, it is much safer to walk with at least one other person, especially at night.

Second, do not be afraid to call Campus Safety (269-5344). That is what they are there for. The poles with phones blue lights on top will also alert the on-duty Campus Safety officer. However, it is a good idea to put the Campus Safety number in your phone, just in case you need to make an immediate call.

Third, know basic defensive moves, just in case something bad does happen. A good tip is if someone wants your purse or wallet, throw it and run. It is more likely they will go after it than after you. However, if someone does approach you for another reason, remember that your best bet is to use your elbow to fight back. It might seem silly, but yell and make as much noise as possible. This will alert others that something is wrong. Additionally, it is better to stay at a distance and kick than to get close and punch. The best body parts to aim for are: eyes, nose, throat, groin, knee and shins.

Hopefully, we will never have issues on campus that require anyone to use these defensive tactics, but it can never hurt to be prepared. Recently a self-defense class was held at Grace, so talk to those who went to it and see what they learned! If you want more information, take 10 minutes and Google self-defense! One day it may just save your life.