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Tim and Joan Carmical- Reaching the World with Ethnos360

by Meghan Stevens

Tim and Joan Carmical are missionaries with Ethnos360, a missions organization that ministers to unreached people groups. The Carmicals have been a part of this organization since 1998 and have served in five continents and over 20 countries. After spending four years in Papua New Guinea, they returned to the United States, where Tim began work as a Midwest Representative of Ethnos360. His goal is to encourage and assist churches in planting indigenous churches among unreached people groups.

Carmical’s path to becoming a missionary began while he was in middle school. During this time, a missionary visited his church and showed the video Ee-Taow. Tim says, “That little video changed my life.” He and his wife spent two years as Bible students at Clear Creek Baptist Bible College in KY and two years at New Tribes Bible Institute in MI. 

The Carmicals finished their studies at North Cotes College in England. Their time in each place helped to prepare them for missionary service. Their life of service has taken them all over the world and eventually back to the U.S. where they continue to serve with Ethnos360.  

The Carmicals have been involved with Grace College throughout their ministry, even bringing students to visit. “I love Grace. I’ve brought high school students here, and two young people from my missions prayer group are now students at Grace. Shout out to Natalee Cross and David Wieringa!”