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By John Hanlon

LAX: A 23-year-old gunman walked into Los Angeles International Airport on Friday, November 1. and fired around a dozen shots, killing TSA officer Gerardo Hernandez and wounding two others. Investigators say the shooter left behind suicide notes that indicate he was gunning specifically for TSA officers. Hernandez is the first officer in the agency’s 12-year history to be killed in the line of duty.


IPAD: Apple Inc. has announced a refreshed product line. The most notable upgrade is the renamed iPad, now called iPad Air. Weighing in at just one pound, the Air is up to twice as fast as the previous iPad version. The new tablet is for sale right now along with an upgraded Macbook Pro and Mac Pro.


DEBT: United States debt jumped a record-breaking $300 million in one day and has topped $17 trillion total for the first time ever, according to the Treasury Department. The massive one-day rise comes after Congress reached an agreement to raise the nation’s debt ceiling, finally catching up on bills that had piled up since May when debate on the subject began.

(Washington Post)

PIRATE: An alleged Somali pirate leader known as “Big Mouth” arrived in Belgium recently, thinking he would help advise during the filming of a movie based around his life. Instead, he was promptly arrested on hijacking and kidnapping charges stemming from a 2009 incident. Undercover agents worked for months to lure Big Mouth into the country.

(ABC News)

MAYOR: Bob Wiser, the mayor of a small town in Pennsylvania, is running unopposed in the upcoming election. What’s the problem? The 70-year-old said he wants to retire from the job but missed the August deadline to drop out of the race. He’s asking voters in the town, which is located near Penn State University, to write in their choice of a qualified candidate on the November ballot, rather than voting for him.

(Associated Press)