The Sounding Board Celebrates 65 Years of Publication

By Lorena Oplinger

This 2018-19 school year, the Sounding Board is celebrating its 65-year anniversary at Grace College.  To celebrate, we’ve decided to look back at the paper’s origins and how it has evolved since its first edition, which was published on May 28, 1954.

According to Dr. Paulette Sauders, Grace College professor of English and Journalism and current faculty advisor to the editorial staff of the Sounding Board, “It was made possible thanks to the initiative of a small group of school leaders who wanted to share information about the most important events that were happening on campus.” Simply put, it was created by and for students.

For the past 65 years, the newspaper has reported changes in tuition, library and chapel schedules, faculty changes, enrollment information, campus activities, sports events, class elections and more.

Dr. Terence White, Grace College professor of Journalism, was the editor-in-chief of The Sounding Board for the 1962-63 academic year. White remembers the long hours that he and his students spent printing the newspaper during those days. He also recalled that some of the students on his staff ended up getting married. “If you wanted to find your spouse,” he said, “you just needed to write for the school’s newspaper.”

Since its early days, the newspaper has undergone a complete transformation. Originally, students and staff members published early editions of the paper using an old-fashioned mimeograph that could not reproduce photos. Articles were longer than they are today, and the newspaper was only two pages long, double-sided and stapled on the corners. Thanks to changes in technology, today’s newspaper includes color, photos and can be printed at a much faster rate.

Over the years, many writers and editors have put in countless of hours to make the Sounding Board the best student-led paper it can possibly be, hoping that the Sounding Board will continue the legacy of quality reporting begun in 1954 for current and future generations of Grace students. All editions of The Sounding Board can be accessed on Morgan Library’s website.

Image above: Dr. Paulette Sauders – veteran professor within Grace’s Literary Arts department and editor and adviser for the Sounding Board staff – poses with the first issue of the Sounding Board’s 65th volume, which was printed this past August.