The MLB Playoff Push

By Patrick Stukkie

With the MLB season nearing its conclusion, it’s time for teams to show up or go home. With only five teams allowed into the postseason from the American League and five from the National League, the last few weeks of baseball is the most exciting time in baseball for the fans. This is where we see who will be a clutch player and who will be a choke artist.

In the American League, three out of the five spots are almost clinched. One is Boston, being up eight -and-a-half games in the American League East with 13 games to go. The second is Detroit, who is up five games. The third is Oakland, who is up five-and-a-half games. These three teams will be fighting for the one, two, and three seeds to see who gets home field advantage.

That leaves only the two remaining wild card teams. This is where it gets interesting. Right now there are six teams vying for those two spots. The Texas Rangers and Tampa Bay Rays have the tickets right now but there are four teams right behind them. These teams are the Baltimore Orioles, New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians, and Kansas City Royals. With there being six teams vying for two spots, this should be fun to watch and should go down to the last series of the regular season.

In the National League, we should know who the five teams will be as soon as one of these teams has a sizeable lead in their division. What to watch for is to see where everyone gets seeded. The Atlanta Braves and the Los Angeles Dodgers look good in winning their divisions and will be fighting with each other and the winner of the crazy National League Central for the top spot.

The National League Central has one of the craziest playoff runs I’ve seen in a while. Any one of three teams could win the division with the two others most likely being the wild card teams and playing a one game playoff. The Cardinals and the Pirates are tied right now at the top with the Reds being two-and-a-half games back. This should be the most exciting race as the Reds and the Pirates still play each other six more times.

This is our time as fans to just sit back and relax and watch these teams fight with everything they have to reach the postseason in order to have a chance at attaining their goal in winning the World Series.