Campus Life

The Freshman 400

by Julia Marsh:

Nearly 400 freshmen made their way to campus at 9 a.m. on Saturday, August 18, for Welcome Weekend at Grace College. What did Student Affairs do to house for this immense influx of homesick high school graduates? They vacuum-packed them like sardines into Alpha and Beta halls.

The aforementioned college freshmen truly are packed tight. However, the freshmen are not the only ones affected: several upperclassmen and transfers are in these overstuffed rooms as well.

In Alpha, the rooms were originally designed to house two people. Now, there are three people living in several of them, sharing a bathroom with another room.

Claudia Jackson, a freshman, said that having three people in one room has its advantages. “Having three people forces you to be more organized since there has to be room for all of us.” It also creates laughable conversations. “Since I’m rooming with twins, whenever I introduce myself, people always say, ‘Oh, you’re the one with the twins!’ and they ask me what it’s like and whether I have to listen to fights.”

Her suitemate, Alessa Smith, didn’t know that she would be sharing a bathroom with four other people until she moved in on Saturday. “At first I was thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, I have to share a bathroom with so many people,’ but now I’m thinking ‘these girls are really cool!’ It’s like I have an upper hand on all the people who only have two suitemates!”

In Beta, the situation is similar with three guys in one room. Shawn O’Dell, a sophomore, tells about how the guys decided to save some space.  “We love anything vertical. Stacking is our friend. Dressers stacked were the obvious choice. The beds came stacked. But probably the most ingenious decision (it has brought our room notoriety) is our fridge. Three mini-fridges stacked on top of one another. So much room was cleared up from this technique.”

Galen White, also a sophomore, mentioned that he would rather not have more space if it meant losing a roommate. “I love the guys I’m rooming with. One of my roommates is my roommate from last year and the other his friend, but we’ve definitely built a bond in the short time we’ve been together so far. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Turns out this game of sardines isn’t all bad. Maybe you’ll find yourself joining in all the fun next year.