Team Chemistry Brings Men’s Soccer to Victory

by Flavia Faria

The Grace College men’s soccer team has been maintaining high work rates on the field. On Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2017, the Lancers played an important game at home and fortunately earned a 3-2 victory over Indiana Wesleyan University.

The victory was more than special for the Lancers because they did not start off the way they were expecting. The Wildcats scored the first goal of the night, putting pressure on Grace. The Lancers did not back off, and they were able to score a goal and tie the game minutes later.  

The first half was intense for both teams. Considering the statistics of the game, the Wildcats had more opportunities than the Lancers in the first half. The Wildcats capitalized on their chance to take the lead again, scoring their second goal of the night close to the end of the first half. As intense as it seems to be, this fact was not enough to discourage the Lancers. They were able to bounce back with a goal from Cody Boerema just minutes before halftime.

The Grace College men’s soccer team felt that they needed to work harder in the second half to bring about a victory for the Lancers. All of the players came back ready to make this game memorable. The second half was different; Grace came out very attentive and passionate to change the results of the night. The end of the game was approaching when Grace had a corner kick in their favor. The hero of the night ended up being the junior Brazilian player, Breno Oliveira, using his flair in the set play. He finessed the ball into the goal and celebrated as if he had won the World Cup. The Grace College men’s soccer team had a great night, and their win secured their sequence of victories in the CrossRoads League.

Breno Oliveira uses his Brazilian flair on a corner kick against Indiana Wesleyan University. Photo Credit: Josh Neuhart