Campus Life

Taylor, We Mustache You a Question AN INTERVIEW WITH TAYLOR SNAVELY

By  Ashley Brewster

Q: When did the mustache collecting begin?

A: I began collecting mustache items my freshman year of college. It started as a joke with my friends and turned into being given more and more things over the years by friends and family.

Q: What is your favorite mustachioed item?

A: My favorite mustachioed item is probably a mug I received from my roommate for Christmas from MudLove that says ‘mugstache.’

Q: Is there a particular mustachioed item you’re looking to add to your collection?

A: I am always looking for new mustache items!

Q: Why collect mustaches?

A: Above all else, my goal isn’t to do a bunch of ridiculous things to be admired by others. My goal in life is to encourage others toward Christ, and He has givenme the gift of an outgoing personality that reaches others and encourages them to be themselves.