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Doctor Scott Connects Learning and Life

By Isaiah Snell Doctor Tyler Scott is joining the team at Grace College teaching physics and engineering. He attended Clemson University and received a Ph.D. in engineering and science. Scott previously taught at Northwestern College in ...
September 13, 2018

Doctor Forshtay Shares on His Forte

By Isaiah Snell Doctor Tobias Forshtay has come to teach in Grace College’s new agricultural business program with an M.B.A. from Grace, a passion for his subject, and a healthy dose of advice for students going ...
September 13, 2018

New Professor Lorinda Kline Speaks on the Impact of Role ...

By Isaiah Snell Professor Lorinda Kline, one of Grace’s new staff members, comes to Grace as an assistant professor of education.  She sports a Master of Science in education from Indiana University and a passion ...
August 31, 2018
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Grace College Professor Takes Hands-On Approach to Exercise Science

by Abby Phinney What do clay muscles, group workouts and pre-physical therapy classes have in common? Grace College’s exercise science department, under the guidance of Christina Walters, program director. In the past three years, Walters ...
December 11, 2017

How to Have a Graceful Experience: From Professor Mike Yocum

By Zeke Snell Q What do you like most about Grace? A I’m blessed to work with so many wonderful people: the president, fellow teachers and administrators. I think they’re so great to work with ...
April 25, 2017

The End Is Near! Interview with Professor Pat Loebs

By Zeke Snell Q So Pat, we know what’s going through a student’s mind as the school year approaches the end, but what is the professor thinking as we round this final turn? A It’s ...
April 6, 2017

Professor Benyousky — A Legacy of Literature

By Hannah Imel Artist Vincent Van Gogh once said, “Normality is a paved road; it’s comfortable to walk on, but no flowers grow in it.” Professor Frank Benyousky is one of those rare individuals who ...
March 28, 2017