Campus Life

Students Head to Urban Hope

by McCalah Mast

This fall break, Urban Hope is taking a group of Grace College students to serve in Philadelphia, Pa.

Urban Hope is a ministry of CE National in the Kensington community of north Philadelphia. Their mission is to reach urban families through children and youth and through training believers in cross-cultural ministry. This October 13th-16th they will be taking a group of Grace College students into the inner city to help students get a glimpse of what urban ministry is like in Philadelphia.

While there, students will live in the city and see what working in urban ministry is like. Grace College students will have the opportunity to sit down, talk with, and interact with many different people throughout the city. Through this, they will have the opportunity to share the gospel with the people of Philadelphia.

One specific outreach event they will take part in is the homeless ministry. Within this ministry, believers walk around and interact with the homeless people of Philadelphia. Homelessness is on the rise in this city and many abusive substances are present. Also, over 50% of the people in Philadelphia have no religion, which means this city needs Christ-followers.

Grace College freshman, Rylee Weldy, will be attending this trip. Rylee plans to be a teacher, and she said, “I think urban area is where I want to teach. It’s a good opportunity to learn about inner city kids and if that’s what I want to do.”

Another freshman, Addie Kemp, is excited to be going on the trip, because she is an Intercultural Studies major and wants to see what cross-cultural ministry is like in the United States.

This four day trip will be a good opportunity for students to dip their toes in urban ministry, to go outside of their comfort zone, and to impact others for the Kingdom.