Campus Life

Students Attend Live Clue Event

By Micaela Eberly

On the evening of Friday, Oct. 17, 2020, McClain Hall was transformed into a crime scene. Complete with fake blood stains on the windows and tape in the shape of a body on the floor, the building held a secret for students to figure out: Who killed Dr. Katip?

The live action Clue event was held during two time slots to allow for distancing for all the groups. The goal, as in a traditional game of Clue, was to figure out the murderer, the weapon, and the place where the crime happened.

There were seven S.A.B. volunteers, six of whom sat in rooms around the building; one of whom, Rebecca Myers, offered help to any confused players and waited to confirm or deny the groups’ final predictions.

As the students moved around the building, they had the option to either look for QR codes or go into the rooms to talk to the volunteers. The QR codes, which were hidden in the hallways and the rooms, revealed a weapon, room, or person that was able to be crossed off of the list of possible solutions.

In the rooms, volunteers, who each had a unique list of the incorrect weapons, rooms, or murderers, waited to hear guesses from the students. If a group asked every person a list of three and none of the volunteers had them marked as incorrect, that combination would be the correct answer.

The first group to successfully guess received two large pizzas and a two-liter soda delivered to them within the next few weeks. All other groups who finished the task within the hour received a small prize. Additionally, a basket of treats was given to the group with the best costumes.

Myers said that “the SAB team had a blast turning McClain into a Haunted Mansion and bringing the characters of Clue to life.” It was well received by students as well. Maddie Bremer, who was part of the group who won the first round of Clue, said, “It was fun, interactive, and [SAB] did a very good job of making it feel like you were actually in the game.”

What about those who could not attend the event? Myers said, “We are interested in holding another event next semester, but with a little Grace twist. We thought it would be fun to switch Clue characters with some of our esteemed faculty and weapons with Grace memorabilia.”

Overall, many students had a high opinion of the live action Clue event, and the mystery atmosphere matched the Halloween spirit. Now, McClain Hall has reverted to its academic purpose. The fake blood stains are gone, and the tape is removed. Little remains of the crime scene, except, perhaps, the memories the students share of their time as detectives.