Student Origins: Staci Sharik

By Katie Yocum

A Warsaw native, Staci Sharik was born and raised close to Grace College until she was 11 years old, when she moved to Ohio. Although she only lived in Indiana for the first half of her life, the area taught her the importance of community. Sharik always enjoyed how involved her family was in a wide variety of communities, including sports, church, and school events. Her parents knew many people in Warsaw, developing family friendships that have lasted to this day.

Sharik grew up in a Christian home, making the decision to follow Christ at the age of four. However, it was not until middle school that she began to make her relationship with Christ her own, largely due to the impact of her church’s youth group. Every year since then, Sharik’s life has brought her new challenges and blessings which have helped her experience the many wonderful characteristics of God.

Sharik’s dad worked at Grace College for many years, always holding the school in high regard.  Although her parents never pushed her towards any particular school, she knew that picking Grace would be a choice they would wholeheartedly support. When it came down to making a decision, the favorable reputation of Grace’s counseling program had a large impact. Additionally, Sharik’s sister was working as an admissions counselor at Grace at the time, which helped to further sway her towards Grace.

At Grace, Sharik is excited to delve into counseling and learn all that she can about her future field of employment. She is looks to use her time at Grace to build relationships and gain knowledge from her professors.

“Grace is also a very community rich school,” Sharik says, “and I hope to continue to take advantage of that and build relationships with people God has placed in my life.”