Student Origins: Dennis Glass

By Claire Lehman-Schletewitz

Third-year student Dennis Glass is an education major here at Grace College.  As the coordinator of SERVE – Grace’s program designed to help students better their community – Glass helps students find ways to give back to the Warsaw/Winona Lake area.  A busy individual, Glass has learned through his experiences that God’s timing not only supersedes our own, but also works to benefit us in ways we cannot foresee.

Raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Glass learned to deal with make the best of situations from a young age. Although his parents divorced when Glass was only a year old, he was soon given the chance to be an older brother to three half-siblings. Due to his possessing a variety of talents, he took part in many activities during his child, including playing soccer and performing theater throughout high school. Although he was not raised in a “particularly Christian home,” Glass says that he started going to church with a friend when he was in junior high.

Much like many other college students, Glass has faced academic struggles since coming to Grace.  His struggles, however, have been focused in areas outside of Grace’s classrooms. Over multiple attempts, Glass struggled to pass Indiana’s CASA (Core Academic Skills Assessment) test, which shows that an individual meets Indiana’s standard to be an educator.  Due to having to pay for the test each time he took it, this became an area of frustration for him both financially and mentally. After his sixth attempt, he managed to pass.

However, God had things in store for him that Glass did not see coming.  In what he sees as a blessing, Grace College awarded Glass a scholarship for his determination and willingness to press on until he reached his goal.  Glass is now loving being able to serve the community as a substitute teacher as he continues his studies at Grace.

In his personal life, Glass has seen God at work in the way his circle of friends was constructed. He knows that God brought their group together to support and encourage each other throughout all the struggles of college. He also spoke of his relationship with his girlfriend. Despite falling victim to the freshmen dating frenzy and placing finding a girlfriend too high on his priority list, Glass learned to put his faith in God’s greater timing and decided to wait on whoever God had in store for him.  After reaching this peace of mind, he was able to wait for God to lead him to the right girl. God did just that, and led Glass to his current girlfriend, Taylor.

“I’ve learned most about God’s timing here at Grace,” Glass said, “and I know that it’s better than anything I can plan.”