Student Origins: Amanda Pipe

By Claire Lehman-Schletewitz

Amanda Pipe grew up in Bryon Center, Michigan with younger sister Kimmy and brother Ethan. Her parents encouraged her and her siblings to use their imaginations and creativity, whether it was playing dress up or building forts in the backyard. After moving church to church, Amanda’s family began going to the church where she would eventually meet lifelong friends. When Amanda thinks back to her time in high school, it’s her time at church and youth group that is more pronounced in her mind.

When Amanda later sang in the choir at her high school, she was asked to perform the song “Oceans” as a solo. This was a time Amanda truly felt as though she was experiencing God’s presence in her life. The thought of singing in front of a massive group of people terrified her, but as she prayed about the performance, she began to feel a peace from God. After singing, Amanda knew that music was the way God was directing her. After that, she was approached by the pastor of her church and he asked her to be one of the worship leaders.

On some Sundays she was more nervous than usual, but she would spend extra time giving the service up to God. She found that those were the days that the lyrics truly touched people’s hearts. When Amanda came to Grace and made the choice to audition for chapel, she thanked God. After finding out she made chapel band, she knew that this was God’s doing. Even though she was nervous about worshipping in front of other people she said, “even when I’m in front of people, I can still worship and pay attention to the words I’m singing.”

Music continued to be an important part in Amanda’s spiritual walk even as she traveled to a different continent. As Amanda struggled through culture shock in Argentina she mentioned it being the loneliest point in her life and she had to trust that God was faithful to her. While listening to Spanish worship music, an English song came on and she recalled that it hit everything that she was feeling in that moment and she knew that God was still with her. After she arriving home, she sang, “You Alone,” during the worship service at her home church and people told her how moved they were by the song.