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SHE Is… An Initiative to Empower Female Students

By Lorena Oplinger

“SHE Is…” is a new Grace College initiative designed with the mission to empower female students and help them discover the purpose that God has placed in their hearts. It celebrates different aspects of a woman’s life. “This program offers female students the opportunity to talk openly about topics that represent stigmas for all Women,” said Meredith Cowman, who transferred into Grace this year. Cowman added, “They are going to learn to develop a new set of skills in different settings.”

“SHE is…” has been created to equip women, so all female students are invited to participate. The main discussion topics will be mental and emotional health, beauty and fitness, and the role of the women at home and workplace.  Kearstin Criswell, director of student involvement, Kailey Owes, and Meredith Cowman are the leaders and coordinators of this program. They have already prepared the agenda for this academic year. “We are very excited,” Cowman stated. “We cannot wait to share this opportunity with the students.”

Both students and organizers planned to meet at the GREC last Saturday, Jan. 19. .The theme of their first meeting was to be  “SHE Is Able!” The main goal for the students was learning how to accomplish things that seem difficult to do. Some of the challenges were learning how use the fitness equipment appropriately and change a flat tire. Unfortunately that event was cancelled due to the snow.

CDI will host an event once a month on campus and each event will touch a different topic. Next meeting is scheduled on Feb. 9 at 9 a.m. in the morning at Russel Center. The main theme is “SHE Is Sexual!” Dr. Deb Musser, director of student health and counselling, will be speaking about women’s psychology and female anatomy.

For more information, please contact Meredith Cowman at

Image above: Meredith Cowman, junior, is one of the organizers and leaders of the new program, “SHE is…” for Grace women.