Senior Spotlight: Mitch Randall

By Alaister McFarren

Mitch Randall is a senior graduating this spring.  A communication major, Mitch has a passion for Grace College and an even larger passion for people.  He has served Grace in a variety of facets, including leading through Student Senate, presenting at Communitas, and hosting a Brave Space on immigration.


Sounding Board: What was it that that brought you to Grace?

Mitch:  After I spent two years at Ivy Tech, I decided that Grace was where I needed to be because of the people here.  After my initial visit, there were faculty and students that took a vested interest in me and kept in contact. It made a great impression, and I definitely wanted those kinds of people around me.  The opportunity to get a Christ-centered education that would allow me to apply my faith to the real world was also a big factor.


SB: What made you decide on a communication major?

Mitch: I came in thinking I would be doing something along the lines of business, but I quickly found out that communication was where I needed to be.  It’s all about the study of people, which I love. My classes are amazing and I’m always excited for them. The faculty is extremely supportive, the projects are very involved, and the entire department is very close.  


SB: What have been your favorite things about Grace?

Mitch: Definitely the people.  I’ve formed great, high-quality friendships that will last a lifetime.  The faculty here also really come alongside the students both academically and spiritually, which I really appreciate.  The community is super connected and caring too.


SB: What’s your least favorite thing about Grace?

Mitch: There’s not much for me to nitpick about, but I guess I’d say that there aren’t many places for both guys and girls to hang out on campus together.  There’s loud public places, but no real private places to hang out. I think this hinders Christ-centered friendships between young men and women from developing.  The “third-spaces” they’re developing will help, obviously, but I won’t be here for those.


SB: How has your time at Grace impacted your faith walk?

Mitch: Before coming to Grace, I was raised in a Christian home but, outside of my family and church, wasn’t really surrounded by believers.  Coming here and being exposed to people of strong faiths on a daily basis has helped me learn how to integrate my faith with the outside world and the secular views that exist there.


SB: Do you have any advice for graduating seniors?

Mitch:  Don’t be lazy academically.  Your biggest projects will likely occur during your senior year, and you need to do well on these so that you can present them to your future bosses.  Also, don’t be lazy socially. This is your last year with the people you’ve spent several years getting to know. Even though

some Netflix may sound tempting, go out and take advantage of the time you have left.