Senior Interview with Jennie Gold

By Zeke Snell

The school year is approaching a close, and as students round this last turn with dreams of summer break and thoughts of relaxation, some students among us will be going on to new horizons. Yes, the time of year where seniors are set out into the world with a diploma and a future is close. One senior, Jennie Gold, is nervous and excited for the future she approaches.

Jennie is a graphic design and English double major, with the hope that she will see a career in graphic design. She sees graduation as moving on to something new in life. “New is good, but also scary,” says Jennie. Jennie says she will certainly miss the community of Grace and the friends she has made, but looks forward to a new adventure out on her own.

She does feel as though Grace has prepared her well for her future; Grace has enabled her to evaluate the things she is presented with in a situation and decide accordingly.

While she may feel as though she does not have a decisive, specific plan, Jennie does hope to minimize wasted time and make wise choices when presented with many right choices.

Jennie leaves Grace students with some advice. “Don’t stress the little things that don’t matter. Focus on what is important in life.” Jennie also stresses how important it is to take time to enjoy what we have here as students and take the opportunities around us while we still have time. The future is full of mystery, excitement, and wonder for all. Thanks, seniors of Grace College, for promoting a better community for us all.