Campus Life

SAB Game Night Recap

By Brittany Misencik

Hannah Neal shows her few remaining cards as she enjoys free snacks during a game of “Uno.”

In a day where our lives are dominated by technology and online interaction, an old-fashioned game night is the perfect way to disconnect from our phones and reconnect with those around us. Although the free popcorn and soda may have been added incentive to come, the primary reason for attending SAB’s Game Night was the friendship and comradery that flowed among students as they engaged in games of “Uno,” “Battleship” and “Settlers of Catan.”

Grace student Josiah Shank was a witness to the sociable nature of the game night, saying that events like it “help students get out of their rooms and off of their phones in a way that is fun and enjoyable.” Instead of taking the safe route and only spending time around those within our comfort zone, game nights provide an opportunity to foster new friendships in a silly, open-minded setting.

Student Abbey Miller also provides insight on the important character-building opportunities that game nights provide.  “It teaches you how to say sorry,” she said, “Especially while playing the game ‘Sorry.’”

Grace game nights are an excellent way to unplug and experience the fun community that Grace has to offer. 

Four students compete for the “longest road” and the final victory point as the end of their game of Settlers of Catan draws near.