Red Zone Ramps Up for Spring Basketball

By  Jordan Butler

It is the beginning of the Spring Semester once again and that means that basketball season is back in full swing here at Grace College. As basketball season reaches its climax, the Red Zone is back and ready to show some school spirit. Supporting both men’s and women’s basketball teams, while creating an exciting and insanely loud atmosphere, is what the Grace Red Zone student section is all about.

In the days of the old Lancer Gym, going to the basketball game was the thing to do and the place to be on campus. Students even went to great lengths to make sure they had a good seat even if it meant leaving class early. This is what made Lancer Gym special, and the Red Zone is looking to create that sort of atmosphere again.

Whether you like sports or not, bring your friends, come ready to stand, and be loud enough to blow the roof off of the MOCC as we cheer our Lancers on to victory! Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams have great teams, and both teams expect to have very successful seasons. Ever wondered what it would be like to fill the MOCC to capacity with only standing room remaining? It has happened before and it can happen again!

For those who were here two years ago, do you remember the conference tournament championship game against Saint Francis that went into three overtime periods as our Lancers were crowned conference champions? There was not an empty seat in the house and barely enough room to move around in the concourse, because it was so packed! The capacity crowd at the MOCC was the loudest I had and, to this day, still have ever heard. That is the way it should be for each and every game, even during the regular season.

The next regular season home matchup for the Lady Lancers is Wednesday, Jan. 22 as the ladies take on Crossroads League Conference foe Mount Vernon Nazarene. As for the guys, the next regular season home matchup takes place on Saturday, Jan. 18 against Crossroads League Conference foe Huntington University. This is a huge game, and it will set the tone for the rest of the season.

Here is a friendly reminder of a few of the rules. First, there are no noise makers allowed in the crowd. Secondly, do not be demeaning to the opposing teams or the referees; instead cheer positively for Grace. Lastly, use good judgment and represent our school values well with character, good sportsmanship, and a positive Christian attitude.

One of the many things that happen in the Red Zone is the planning of theme nights for what to wear to each game. I am really excited about this year, and I cannot wait to see how far our teams go! Good luck to every single Grace school and club athletic teams.