Pro-Life — Opinion

By Katelyn Minder

A week ago, Donald Trump signed a bill that would allow states to deny funding to abortion providers. People are either upset or cheering. However, at the heart of the issue lies the matter of pro-life or pro-choice. The decision has split more than one family in the past and will only continue to incite debate.

In the United States, bald eagle eggs are protected. That’s right, you can be put in prison for up to two years for stealing or disturbing an eagle nest with an eagle egg in it. Meaning that the eagle egg is sacred to the federal government because it is a baby eagle. So, in other words, the government believes that the life of an eagle is more important than the life of a small human.

Just as an egg has the potential to grow into an eagle, so does a zygote have the potential to grow into a human.  No political agenda can change that, no matter how hard they try. However, somewhere, people began losing the ability to sympathize with the life of a child. God knows us, knits us together inside of the womb. He decides exactly how to put us together. Because of that fact, the life of a child is sacred. If God cares so much about a child that he takes the time to put together a baby, who are we to say it is not worthy of life?

Sure, there are situations that mothers are put in that are awful. Terrible. I wish no one had to experience what they go through. However, no matter the conditions of conception, the child growing inside of her did nothing wrong. There are so many families that would love to give that baby a chance to thrive.

Planned Parenthood claims that they provide pre-natal care and other services to pregnant women that do not include abortion. However, research done by Live Action proves differently. They called 97 Planned Parenthood organizations around the country, and only a few offered prenatal care. Additionally, there are many more places besides Planned Parenthood that offer breast exams, contraception and STI testing. They just are not publicized as often.

Giving the states the opportunity to decide whether or not to defund organizations that provide abortions is so important. Not only does it allow them to help diminish the number of abortions in their state, it also gives them back the power that this country was founded upon—the opportunity for government to take place close to the people and not in a white building thousands of miles away.

Donald Trump is not stealing the rights of women. He is giving millions of children a chance at life.