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Poetry Slam: The Cliff

By Ethan Horst

The forensics team and Writer’s Block, a writer’s group that meets biweekly on campus, partnered to present The Cliff, Grace College’s first live poetry slam.

Ten students presented their work at The Cliff. Kaylee Griest performed “I’m Not a Good Christian,” Brittany Boyd presented “I Still Love,” Olivia Bottorf performed “Love Notes,” Jonas Clayton presented “Yin Yang,” Henrietta Carter presented “Revelations of My Father,” Amaris Longenecker performed “In Plain Sight,” Dorian Cushingberry presented “Why,” Elizabeth Mattia performed “3 a.m. Thoughts,” Isaiah Snell presented “I am Directionally Challenged,” and Chloe Woods performed “Dating… at Grace College.”

At the end of the evening, the audience voted on the poet of the night and master of ceremonies Jared Mishne presented the winner, Chloe Woods, with a gift certificate for Light Rail Cafe.

Poet of the night Chloe Woods performed a piece titled “Dating…at Grace College.”

Ten students in total presented poems at the Cliff on Friday, September 21. L to R: Elizabeth Mattia, Kaylee Griest, Jonas Clayton, Dorian Cushingberry, Henrietta Carter, Brittany Boyd, Chloe Woods, Olivia Bottorf.
Not Pictured: Isaiah Snell, Amaris Longenecker