Campus Life

Paranoia Winner: Benjamin Tucker

By Maycee Davis

Assassins, a game consisting of water guns and hide-and-seek, has been played at Grace College for a while, but switching the name to Paranoia and changing the game’s goal was a GSO/SAB team effort.

Elizabeth Manko from SAB said, “We decided that we wanted to be sensitive to the campus shootings that have happened nationwide as well as the violent attacks going on around the world.”

This sensitivity caused a change to the game – instead of shooting other students with water guns, players would attempt to stick a “Hello, my name is” tag on their opponent.

Manko said that she believes this event connects students to strangers and gives them a “healthy fear of life in general.” This campus activity began at the beginning of November and ended on November 26, 2015.

Once the game came to an end, freshman Benjamin Tucker was announced winner of the game.

Tucker said that throughout the game he had a strategy, which was to get as many tags as he could early on in the game, while there were still a lot of people participating. The intended result of this was that he was not scrambling at the end trying to get more people out.

Tucker also said that he was not nervous or anxious during the game, because he always knew who was out to get him and would avoid them. He also says that he enjoyed pretending to have people that he really didn’t have, just to confuse them.

This game can easily be the start of many friendships, because it’s fun and enjoyable for everyone on campus.

Tucker said, “I really enjoyed the game. It helped me get to know new people, and I have some great stories.”

This was Tucker’s first year participating in this activity, and he said, “It was great! Good thing it wasn’t water guns or I would have been out.”

Tucker received an email informing him that he was the winner. He received an Amazon gift card as an award for being the last man standing.

Tucker feels that more students should plan to engage in this campus activity next year. He said continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential. – Winston Churchill