Origins: Elizabeth Tully

By Alaister McFarren

Many students come to Grace College due to athletics.  The offer of a scholarship and a chance to compete in the sport they love often prove to be the only factor in where they decide to go to college. However, something about Grace College seems to change the motivations of many athletes.  One such athlete is Elizabeth Tully, current director of the Student Activities Board.

“I came for golf, but it didn’t take me long to figure out that God sent me here for much more than that,” said Tully. A fourth-year senior, Tully has been an extremely involved student at Grace, both in her role on SAB and on the golf team.

Although she is graduating with a degree in facility and event management major, Tully came to Grace intending to be an art teacher.

“I changed my major like seven times, but I eventually decided on this major because planning and coordinating events allows me to use my artistic talents in a variety of ways,” Tully said. “I prefer event management over facility management, though; planning events in a building is much more fun for me than running a building itself.”  Post-graduation, Tully will be working at L.A. Catering, an event coordination organization in Columbus, Ohio.

According to Tully, her favorite thing about Grace is the love and support the students give to each other.

“Even if they don’t know you,” said Tully, “people reach out and care for you here.  The sense of love and peace I get while I’m here clearly comes from God.”

As for her least favorite aspects, Tully said that the school reminds her of high school in that cliques tend to develop.  She also regrets that there is so little to do in Warsaw, but says that “is probably good for studies.”

“My favorite memory at Grace would have to be my three-peat in the Fear Factor event during The Joust,” said Tully. “I’ve won every year so far.  My friends wanted me to go for a fourth, but I just decided help plan the Joust this year instead of compete.” She said that despite her ability to eat all kinds of nasty foods, onions are the one food she will not eat. “I’d just refuse and give up if they offered me onion,” she said.

Tully said that the biggest thing she learned at Grace has been patience.  Always in a rush, she was taught that “you’ve got your whole life to get things done, so slow down.” Originally a three-year student, Tully attributes her extra year with helping her to figure things out academically, saying that, “God teaching me patience here has led me to a job and many other opportunities I might not have discovered otherwise.”

Tully advises next year’s seniors to “enjoy the stress.”

“It may sound odd, but don’t get too wrapped up in your schoolwork.  Enjoy the things you do for the last time, and just relish every last moment,” she said.