Opinion: The Movie “Believe Me”

by Kylie Tester

The film “Believe Me” proved to be more thought-provoking than I had initially expected. While it was full of offensive stereotypes regarding the Christian faith that I admittedly caught myself laughing at, there was a much deeper meaning running throughout the film that was meant to cause contemplation rather than chuckles.

Through the main character, Sam, Christian audiences and secular audiences alike are faced with the question, “What do you believe?” Do we believe in a higher power? Do we believe in morals? Throughout most of the movie, Sam and his college buddies would answer “no” to this question.

However, as the movie progresses and the Christian stereotypes become almost excruciating to endure, Sam seems to have a change of heart. Naturally, this change is prompted by a love interest, Callie. This sounds all cute and romantic, but truthfully, Sam and Callie were never really an item. Callie was in a relationship with another man, so the interactions between Sam and Callie were not as innocent as they may have appeared.

This being said, Sam’s transformation seemed a bit artificial for my tastes. He began to have a change of heart to impress a woman who was never truly his. His desire for belief in God did not stem from a personal longing. It was prompted by his desire to make up for his sinful actions and to look better for Callie.

Another issue that this movie brings to light is the question of Christian authenticity. Sam and his friends prove how easy it is to fake the Christian walk. As I watched the movie, I honestly found myself wondering if I have ever encountered a Christian “actor” rather than a true follower of Christ. The way Sam and his friends portrayed Christianity in this film was believable. Have there been times when I have been as gullible as the people they were “preaching” to?

Also, perhaps the most frustrating thing about the movie was its ending. The audience never finds out if Sam actually believes in God, although it gives Christians reason to think that Sam did have a moment of transformation.