Opinion: So What About Gary Johnson and Jill Stein?

By Natalia Kurkova

The election hype is on the rise as November approaches. Dialogues unfold regarding changes if Clinton or Trump come to power. The media bash both candidates. Both candidates insult each other. Some citizens claim that neither of the two candidates are good enough to be president, thus deciding not to vote at all.

But what about Gary Johnson? Johnson is the nominee for president from the Libertarian Party. He is a businessman, owner of Big-J Enterprises and has served as governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003. While governor, he was under the Republican Party. He began his candidacy at the beginning of the year as a Republican, later, switching to become a Libertarian. He supports the Libertarianism and minarchism philosophies. Overall, he is conservative, believing in limited government. As governor, he lowered taxes and did not raise them throughout his terms.

Among some of Johnson’s political stances for his campaign are: He is in favor of gun rights, opposes Obamacare, opposes stricter criminal sentencing, agrees to create a citizenship pathway for illegal immigrants, favors the privatization of social security, opposes higher and double taxation and opposes the expansion of the military. Johnson is against military interventions and is therefore against American involvement in Iran and Afghanistan. When it comes to religion, Johnson opposes religious practices at schools, yet believes that the United States should not stray away from its religious roots, the roots that resulted in the creation of the nation.

Another underdog in the upcoming 2016 elections is the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein. Stein is a physician, doctor and researcher. She has been the Green Party candidate for governor in Massachusetts in 2002 and 2010.

As the name of the party suggests, Stein supports “going green,” is working on environment conservation and strives to create renewable energy jobs. As president, she claims she would create tuition-free public education and a single-payer public health insurance program. Her other goals are to eliminate destructive energy extraction, expand women’s rights, defend indigenous people and tribes and their land, create an easier citizenship process for immigrants, reduce military spending and eliminate unauthorized surveillance.

Turns out, options other than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump exist. Why are we not hearing about them? When was the last time you saw either Gary Johnson’s or Jill Stein’s ad on TV? What if all the citizens who decided not to vote, or are not in support of either the Republican or Democrat candidates, instead, voted for one of the candidates that does not get media attention? One that does not scream the loudest?