Opinion: Presidential Debate

By Katelyn Minder

Monday night, many Americans fired up their televisions to watch the first presidential debate. In all fairness, the candidates were extremely reality TV-esque, both yelling and over-talking the other. Poor Lester Holt had a bit of trouble keeping the candidates under control, and if he were a punching bag he would have been reduced to an empty canvas sack by the end of the debate.

I do not know if many of you noticed, but there was even a “Debate Day” snapchat filter. In the first hour of the debate, memes had already been created. I really am not sure if I should laugh or cry at the joke American politics has become.

All joking aside, the debate was painful to watch. Trump was reminded by Holt to remain quiet during Clinton’s allotted speaking period an uncomfortable number of times. Additionally, Clinton’s nervous smile and forced cackle was awkward to say the least.

When it comes down to the individual questions, both candidates skirted around issues. However, it was clear that Trump plans to provide HUGE tax cuts for businesses, while Clinton would like to increase taxes on those in the United States that make the most money.

Although the candidates disagreed on many things, they both agreed that cyber-terrorism must end. Clinton seemed certain that the terrorism is coming from Russia, while Trump was unsure if it was coming from any specific country or “a 400-pounds guy sitting on a bed.”

Trump was attacked by Clinton for his alleged support of the war in Iraq, which he vehemently denied. Clinton, on the other hand, was hit by Trump for her foreign policy debacles as Secretary of State, namely empowering Iran. The Clinton email fiasco was brought up only once by Trump, which may make up for some of his rude interruptions.

Who really won the presidential debate, then? According to CNN, the answer is Clinton, and I would tend to agree. Of the two candidates featured in the debate, Clinton was far more prepared. She butted in far fewer times than Trump, and was overall more skilled. While Trump was making people laugh with crude comments, Clinton was mostly serious and professional.

When all is said and done, my true take-away from the debate is that we need to pray for our country. The future leader—whether it be Trump or Clinton, is a fallen human being just like the rest of us, and we are called to respect those put in power over us.

Additionally, it is important to not forget there are three other parties that will also appear on the ballot: Libertarian, Green and Constitution. This is the first presidential election many of us will be able to vote in, and we should take advantage of that. Although just like any decision, we should take it to the Lord in prayer.