Opinion: 2nd Presidential Debate


by Brooke Biggins

Another presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has come and gone. This debate took place just days after a video was released displaying vulgar comments about women that Tr

ump made. Though this video was taped about 11 years ago, it was still the source for one of the first questions asked during the debate. Trump’s comments made a lot of people, not just women, angry. Frankly, people should be angry. Under absolutely zero circumstances should Trump have made those comments. Hillary, on the other hand, had to address the email scandal again as well as former President Clinton’s scandals while he was in office.

I’ve never been into politics much: I don’t follow it regularly, but this debate was probably what most Americans were expecting; Clinton and Trump bickering at each other, trying to show America just how awful the other candidate is. For someone who still doesn’t know who she would vote for, bickering and belittling is the last thing I want to hear in a debate. Instead of dancing around the question that is asked, why can’t our candidates just answer it? Is that too much to ask for?

This debate consisted of a lot of interrupting, a lot of talking around the question, a lot of criticizing and very little explaining of plans for the future. Clinton spoke about how everyone should be fact-checking Trump because who knows if what he’s saying is true. Then  Trump played the victim anytime the mediators would interrupt him because they had to move on to the next question.

By the end of the debate, they were both able to give one another a compliment. Clinton complimented Trump’s children, and Trump complimented Clinton’s work ethic. At least they were able to end the debate somewhat civilly. But where does that leave the American population that is still unsure of who they want to vote for?

This debate didn’t help me make a decision, and frankly, I’m okay with that. While I am sure some people will spend countless hours arguing with others and trying to determine who will be the best choice for the presidency, I’m not too concerned about it. I know who is King over all. It’s reassuring to know who holds the future. God’s desire will prevail in the end. The future is in His hands.