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Not Quite Ready: Senior art exhibit opens

Four years of hard work went on display in the Mount Memorial art gallery on Monday morning.

The senior art exhibit, “Not Quite Ready,” opened to campus, featuring the work of eight senior art students.

With the number of senior art students this year, the exhibits are divided into three parts throughout the rest of the semester.

The first exhibit will be on display in Mount Memorial from Feb. 13 until Feb. 24.

This exhibit includes the work of eight students: Kaylyn Beck, Brandon Heim, Rachel Ladew, Matt Litzinger, Noelle Fink, Emily Metcalf, Rebecca Burton, and Brook Surgeon.

They present the  works and media they have developed in the last four years.

The students are excited about displaying their artwork. “I’ve really loved the home I’ve found at the Art Department of Grace,”
said Emily Metcalf.

“The professors have offered both guidance and crazy senses of humor to always keep things fun and interesting,” added Metcalf.

Art professors J.D. Woods and Tim Young are proud of the senior exhibits and their students’ work and the time invested, especially with all the schedule changes at Grace this past year.

“It’s definitely been more of a challenge,” said Woods speaking about the eight-week sessions, “to get so much information to sink in in a shorter time, but an advantage is how both the faculty and students become more focused on one piece at a time.” 

Natalie Huebner, the art gallery assistant, witnessed the focus and devotion of the students.

Huebner agrees that the eight-week scheduling has posed an interesting challenge where time is concerned.

“We have been working to provide more opportunities for internships and experience through the applied learning program and that seems to be going well,” said Huebner.

The three exhibits have been divided up mostly by their media or by the student’s major.

The two senior exhibits to follow “Not Quite Ready” will be held accordingly, with the second one in March and the third in April.

A reception for “Not Quite Ready” will be held on the main floor of Mount Memorial on Friday, Feb. 17, from 7-9p.m.

A table of food and drinks will be set up and the artists will be on hand to answer questions regarding their pieces or work.

“Not Quite Ready,” remains open Feb. 13 until Feb. 24, regularly on weekdays from 9-5 p.m.

Story by Haley Bradfield | Staff Writer |
Photographs by Rachel Israel | Contributor |