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No Student is Safe During Paranoia

By Lorena Oplinger

As of Monday, April 8, the Office of Student Involvement has officially launched Paranoia, a cross-campus, last-man-standing game of tag created for Grace students. Through Wednesday, April 17, players can participate in one of the most fun and exciting games ever played on Grace’s campus.

During this week and a half, each player has a specific mission. Their primary goal is to tag an assigned target – a fellow student – by placing stickers on the target’s body, usually utilizing stealth tactics.  At the same time, they need to be careful to avoid being tagged out by the student targeting them. It is vital for each player to be extremely cautious. Players are encouraged to plan and develop strategies to approach their targets and accomplish their mission.

According to Jessica Vandenboom, director of the Grace Intramural Program, one of the most commonly-used tactics used by some of the players is to “have their friends watch out for them and give them rides across campus.”

Paranoia was originally a game called ‘Assassins,” where students originally attacked their targets with squirt guns. Unfortunately, “with all the school shootings, the game was put to an end,” Vandenboom said. “However, we revived it last year with the new name Paranoia and with stickers instead of squirt guns”.

There are important guidelines that need to be followed in order to prevent any misunderstandings and disqualifications. Players are not allowed to tag their targets indoors or in/from vehicles.  Also, no tags are allowed during Grace-sponsored events. Students cannot tackle their targets, tag them during work hours or while they are playing/practicing athletics.

However, the Office of Student Involvement has decided to include a little bit of excitement to the game this year. Players now have the opportunity, for only one hour, to tag their targets in indoor places. This rule has been dubbed “The Purge.” The hour has not been confirmed yet, but it is expected to be announced via the Paranoia message group.

Players are also going to be issued additional targets. Tagging those individuals “will add to your tag total, but will not change your personal target,” Vandenboom explained.

The winner will either be the last person standing or the player with the most tags made before the end of the game. Last year’s winner was Stephen Halstead, a member of the basketball team and now a college graduate.

For more information, please contact the Office of Student Involvement or Jessica Vandenboom at

Image above: GIP Director Jess Vandenboom encourages students to “develop strategies to approach their targets and accomplish their mission.”