Campus Life

New Dorm on Grace Campus

By Andrew Weidman

Move over Lofts and the Lodge! Soon, neither of you will be recognized as the new dorm on Grace College campus. In case you haven’t noticed, which I find highly impossible, a new dorm is currently being built on campus. The dorm is located near Kent and right by Jefferson Elementary, and it is a massive dorm. The dorm will house about 172 students, males on one side and females on the other, and will be three stories tall. The dorm is designed specifically for freshmen, as the dorm is designed to help students experience community with one another and transition well to college. The ratio of upperclassman to freshman students isn’t set yet, but the dorm will feature many freshmen.

As mentioned earlier, the new dorm is a three-story building that comes with several common spaces. These include a large main lobby on the first floor with study spaces, tables, public restrooms and a fireplace. The second-floor lobby will be a co-ed recreation area with a kitchen. The third floor will have a group study/meeting room and a home theater. Each floor will have access to a large “living room,” as well as several small study nooks.

The general design of the building will model that of the Lodge, but the concept and intricate design will be much different. The dorm will also feature an elevator, the first dorm to have one strictly for residential use. The dorm currently does not have a name, but will have one by the Housing lottery, even if it is a temporary name. The dorm is also the most expensive dorm Grace has ever built, surpassing Kent Hall.

Even if you are unable to get a spot there next fall, you definitely will want to check out this dorm.