Movie Review: War Room

“War Room”

Review by Caleb DeBoest

Synopsis: Realtor Elizabeth Jordan and her husband Tony find themselves in a marriage that is falling apart, until one of Elizabeth’s clients, Miss Clara, begins mentoring Elizabeth and encouraging her to fight her battles in prayer. Elizabeth and Tony find the real power behind prayer as they work to fix their marriage and surrender their lives to God.

Cinematography: 4/5

The camera work for this film was decent. For the most part, filming was well done, though at times, the music overpowered the dialogue and some scene transitions were slightly distracting and awkward. Overall, the cinematography was good, but nothing special.

Content: 4/5

The acting in the film was pretty good for the most part. Occasionally, there were instances of “bad acting.” The humor in the film was funny and the delivery of humorous moments was well done. The story line moved at a nice pace and kept the viewer entertained throughout.

Ending: 4/5

The ending of the film was fulfilling. All loose ends were wrapped up and the final scene brought the message home. However, the ending seemed a little drawn out.

Thought-Provoking: 5/5

The film had a very strong message and presented it well. The final scenes of the movie added to the thought-provoking tone of the movie. The story was as inspiring as it was entertaining.

Tear-Jerking: 5/5

For anyone who cries during movies, this movie will require a tissue box at hand. There were five or six scenes that were touching enough to provoke tears.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Overall, “War Room” is well worth the time and money spent to view it. The message it presents is very applicable to modern-day Christians. The movie does its job both as a mode of entertainment and as a message on the importance of prayer.