Micah Simonton to be First Grace Student to Earn Memeology Degree

By Alaister McFarren

As we stride on into the twenty-first century, cultural changes lead to new and exciting career choices for individuals around the world. Advances in computer technology, engineering and the sciences have resulted in hundreds of new job types that those from earlier generations could never have anticipated.  While Grace has traditionally been an institution known for its business and ministry schools, the college has recently begun implementing new degrees to help its students keep pace in the rapidly developing world they live in.

Third-year student Micah Simonton stands tall among students tackling the new degrees.  After spring Session B concludes, Simonton will be the first Grace student – and one of the first in the world – to earn his Bachelor of Science in Memeology.  

“It was an intensive degree, but I am proud to say that I will have graduated with a 4.0 GPA in all of my major classes,” said Simonton, “assuming I keep up my current grades in Pepe Philosophy 101 and Essentials of Doge Culture.”

Although currently untied to any of Grace’s primary schools, the Department of Languages, Literature and Communication hopes to add memeology to the degrees it offers this upcoming school year.  Dr. Sauders, professor of English and Journalism, has stated that she is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to lead the program.

“Memes are intrinsically linked to study of literature and culture,” said Sauders. “In 100 years, memes will be how our descendants analyze our society, much like we analyze ‘Dracula’ for a look at English/Eastern European relations today.  Researchers will be able to examine Grumpy Cat and determine the mindset of the early 2000s with a great deal of accuracy.”

Current course requirements include “Intro to Meme Culture,” “Memes by the Decade,” “Christianity and Critical Memeing,” “Caption Theory,” “Grumpy Cat in American Society,” “Irony for the Densely Skulled,” “Philosoraptor 101” and “Thanking Obama in Republican Areas.”

Although he has always been a gifted memelord, Simonton was at first hesitant to enter such an unprecedented field.  

“I was very apprehensive about majoring in such an unknown field before entering Grace,” said Simonton, “but Dr. Sauders was very reassuring and helped give me the push I needed to make the decision.  She told me, ‘Micah, I am never going to give you up, let you down, run around or desert you.’ She also emphasized that she would never make me cry, say goodbye, tell a lie or hurt me.” Simonton continued to say that those were exactly the words he needed to take that leap of faith and officially declare his major.

Going forward, Simonton hopes to continue in his studies and achieve his master’s degree in memeology. While he is unsure about his focus yet, he anticipates that he will choose either Deep Fried or Ironic memes as his topic of choice.

Image above: Micah’s favorite writings are from a 17th century monk named Memos Lordicai, which impart many wisdoms. His personal favorite is this passage: “If the day is not Tuesday, nor Thursday, nor any other day, it must be Wednesday, my fellow kinsmen.”