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Meet the New Student Body President

By McCalah Mast

Jesse Zvers will be replacing Kirsten Mead as Student Body President for Grace College for the 2018-2019 school year.

Jesse is finishing up her sophomore year at Grace and is studying Secondary Social Studies Education. Jesse’s love for Grace College and her heart for people is what really drove her to want to be Student Body President. Two things that Jesse hopes to improve during her Presidency are increasing the handicap accessibility at Grace, and finding a way to better connect students to the local church. In regard to her leadership position she says, “This position can be used to be a bridge for the student body to those in the administration. I really pray that our team will be able to be that bridge.”

Although there are many reasons why Jesse loves Grace, perhaps the greatest reason is the close relationships that she has developed while being at Grace. Having meaningful relationships with others is important, and to Jesse, this is one of her favorite things about Grace. It is no surprise, then, that what Jesse is most looking forward to about being Student Body President is working closely with her new team of Senators who were just recently voted on by the student body.

In addition to working with her team of Senators, Jesse is looking forward to embracing the new theme for next year: ORIGINS. She says, “I am very excited about the new theme, as it is set in Genesis. This will be something new for me, since during my first two years at Grace the themes were both from the New Testament. I think it will be really cool to see the campus come around ORIGINS.”

When Jesse is not working on Presidential tasks, you can find her out and about with friends and family. She is also a member of the Cross Country and Track & Field teams at Grace, so you will often see her out running with her teammates. If you see President Jesse Zvers, do not hesitate to say “hi” because you will most definitely be greeted with a smile and a wave.