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Meet the creators of the satire blog, “The Student Union”

“The idea came while sitting in chapel one day reading the Sounding Board.” So began the story of the creation of Grace’s very own humorous satire blog The Student Union. The creators of the blog stated, “at first we just thought we’d throw something together and see where it went. We really didn’t know what to expect as far as student interest.”

The group decided to remain anonymous, “at first because we were unsure if some people may be offended by articles, and we all agreed the mystery behind our writings added an extra element.”  However, now that the group is going their separate ways, the time has come to reveal their identities.

The writers behind the Student Union blog are (drum roll, please), Steve Fowler (senior), Kyle Petty (‘10 graduate), Asher Bontreger (senior), and JT Jacobson (junior). Seth Richardson and Aaron Pierce were also involved in the graphic design and launching of the blog.

These confederates started the blog in 2011.  “All of us had always found satirical blogs and websites to be funny, so we thought, why not try to get something going at Grace?” They used the opportunity to have fun doing something they all enjoyed and to learn about making projects happen, working as a team, and to expand their knowledge of social media and marketing.

The Student Union focused posts on things that were relevant to what was going on around campus. The team especially had fun with topics about events of things that they themselves were involved in. For example, three of the writers are on the soccer team, and wrote about the “practicality” of the men’s soccer team’s “murses” included in their preseason gear.

When asked about their favorite posts, the group answered, “Our most popular post over the life of the blog was entitled “Engaged  Student Annoys Entire Class With ‘Wisdom’.” We weren’t too surprised to see that at the top since everyone can relate and can name that one person who talks enough for the entire class. While this was at the top, writing our first blog entry, “CHA-CHING College Just Got 90% Cheaper!” had to be the most fun! Not only was it so easy for the entire student body to relate to while making lavish statements about recent news at Grace, but it was the only article we wrote as a collective group.”

Though the team was approached about expanding the blog to make money, they will not be pursuing any careers in writing or continuing the blog post-graduation. However, they hope to have inspired others. “We like to think that from our blog we had a part in starting an online  community at Grace that focused on the humorous things in life, specifically Grace life. While none of us were involved in other projects, we believe our blog played a large part in inspiring such ideas as the Grace Meme Factory and @Grace_Problems. We still think our blog tops them all (we might be a bit biased), but it’s truly great to see different forms to display the humorous things around Grace.”

You can check out the Student Union at:

Story by Joy Martin | Staff Writer |
Photography by Cassie Gareiss | Photography Editor |