Letter from the Editor

Dear Grace Family,

It was only a few months ago that I wrote my last letter from the editor, and yet it seems so far away. Commencement, which was months and months away, is now only sixteen days away. Like many people, when I’m facing the ending of a time in my life, I start thinking about the beginning.

When I stepped onto Grace’s campus three years ago as a freshman, I had no idea how God was going to use my time in college. I had barely any writing experience, never learned the first thing about journalism, and hadn’t the slightest clue what I wanted to pursue as my vocation. Now, I’m still not sure exactly what job title or description I will have, but I have a passion for writing, for seeking truth, and for connecting people. Thanks to excellent teachers, I’ve learned at least a few things about journalism and writing, along with economics and philosophy and science and marketing and literature, along with a hundred other topics that make a liberal arts education what it is.

When I first started at Grace, I could not have dreamed that I would end up being the editor of the campus newspaper, nor would I have dreamed that I would have walked the streets of Rome, or  followed in the footsteps of Paul. Both of those experiences changed my life, and both were made possible because of the people at Grace. I’m not saying that everything during these three years was perfect, but on the whole, I am very grateful for my time here. It’s shaped me into who I am today.

That being said, my time here is coming to an end, and so now I’m thinking about passing the torch. Brittany Misencik will be your new editor-in-chief, but I’ll let her introduce herself in this issue. We’ve also been publishing advice from graduating seniors, the things that they would have told themselves on Welcome Weekend of their freshman year. So here’s my advice:

Dream big. God can and will use your talents in ways that you would never have dreamed, and every single thing that you worry about, He will provide for. Don’t take yourself too seriously and miss out on a good laugh and a good memory.

And always get the pizza at Alpha. It’s really the best option.


Ethan Horst,

Sounding Board editor-in-chief