Campus Life

Leadership Positions at Grace College—Opportunities for Service

By Hannah Imel

The 2017-2018 hiring season is approaching for leadership positions at Grace College. Several options are available for students looking to contribute to the campus such as RA positions, growth group leader positions, as well as various GSO positions. I interviewed a member of each position to get their thoughts on their leadership position.

Brileigh Malott is an RA in Westminster Hall. She said, “Becoming an RA has definitely helped me grow and be more confident in my relationships with others. It’s also revealed my need to ask for help sometimes and to reach out to people. I have to admit that I’m not right all the time!”  As an RA, Brileigh enjoys building relationships with the girls on her hall, as well as with the resident directors. Something she advises is, “If you’re considering being an RA, remember to not find your worth in what residents think of you. You can’t meet everyone’s expectations!” However, the opportunities to connect with others and develop personally compensate for the challenges.

Kamry Williams is a growth group leader in Westminster Hall. She enjoys providing an environment that is “a safe place to talk about what’s going on in your life, whether good or bad.” Building relationships with the girls in her group is Kamry’s favorite part of her position. Some challenges of being a growth group leader include taking time to plan ahead for lessons, but also being willing to abandon plans at a moment’s notice. “Each week, you have to be prepared for the unexpected,” Kamry said. Although becoming a growth group leader requires a significant amount of time, patience and spiritual maturity, Kamry says that the position is very rewarding. “If your heart is in the right place, it’s a big service opportunity,” she stated.

Brooke Biggins is editor-in-chief of The Sounding Board, Grace College’s campus newspaper. Working with her team of writers, editors and layout coordinators to produce the newspaper is Brooke’s favorite part of the job. Of course, her position is not without unique challenges. “The deadlines can be challenging, especially when you have to make last-minute changes,” Brooke said. Since any student can submit an article for the newspaper’s consideration, working with writers of all styles and skill levels can also be challenging.  According to Brooke, fulfilling the role of her position is well worth the effort. “The Sounding Board is a very good outlet, and it’s a way to have a voice on campus, so check it out!”

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the opportunities at Grace College!