Campus Life

Late Nights With Nate

by Juliana Romano

Jay Leno. David Letterman. Conan O’Brien.  Almost everyone can recognize these names as the names of well-known talk-show hosts. Well, Grace’s very own Nathan Harley could be joining the ranks of these famous funny guys!

On February 13th, 2015, the night before the Presidential Scholarship Competition (PSC), SAB put on “Late Night with Nate,” a talk-show meant to help prospective students acclimate with the zanier, just-for-fun side of Grace.  In case you missed it, here’s a recap of some of the highlights of the night.

Harley interviewed an array of fascinating guests. These people lit up the stage with their commentary and participation in games.

Who could forget watching Dr. Tiberius Rata play “Talking to a Gangsta” (a personal favorite of Harley’s) or watching Professor Pat Loebs “Shake It Off” during the lip sync battle?

Alex Penix’s ever-intense scooter race around the auditorium had everyone at the edges of their seats. Perhaps the most memorable game of the night was the one that changed the way attendees thought about food for the rest of their lives: the sauce-drinking game! Who wasn’t cringing as they watched Harley and Gershom Tadesse drink a variety of sauces and condiments?

Harley recalls, “The worst sauce was the ranch, but the culmination of all of them in my stomach afterwards was a force to be reckoned with.”

Another unique aspect of the show was the emcee, Ben Gruber. Gruber kept the event moving with his witty jokes and commentary. He had been asked by Harley himself to be the emcee and made the night even more memorable. He was glad to be able to help the PSC students relax and have fun the night before their competition.

When asked what his favorite thing about the show was, he said, “Probably just having fun with Nate and the other contestants on stage. Making people laugh and being me. Me doing me.”

Hosting the show was a great way for Harley, who had just returned from studying abroad in Uruguay, to reconnect with fellow students and jump back into Grace culture. Harley graduates in May but will return to Seminary to pursue an MA in Intercultural Ministry.

Harley says, “It was a unique experience to have before I graduate…that’s for sure!”

“Late Night with Nate” was a fun event that brought laughs to both PSC attendees and current students alike. It was certainly a night to be remembered by all.