Lady Lancers Dominate at Goshen

By Claire Lehman-Schletewitz

In the last days of fall, the Lancer Women’s Basketball team took a road trip to Goshen College and stomped on some Maple Leaves. Kaylie Warble, 50, at the tip off hit the ball in favor of the Lancers. The tension was palpable; the women ran back and forth, maintaining control of the ball,  and Coach Davis was on his feet shouting enthusiastically. At an unfortunate steal by the other team Coach hollered, “you’re open, you shoot,” as the team ran passed him to attempt another steal. Kyannah Stull, 4, snagged the ball and, with her signature half skip, gained the first three points for the Lancers.

“Never let it be said that the women’s basketball team lost a game because they weren’t hustling,” said Grace College student Anna Marshall as she watched the women moving across the court for every rebound and steal. With every shot the one of the players made, the team rose to their feet, cheering their fellow Lancer on and celebrating a victory. Sophomore Kaylie Warble, 50, led the team on rebounds with a total of 8 throughout the entirety of the game. Freshman Kamryn Hostetler, 13, led in assists with a total of 6. Senior Brooke Sugg, 21, led in points with a grand total of 33 gained.

The Lady Lancer’s Basketball has shown drive and energy throughout the entire beginning of their season and show continual promise in offering their fans entertaining games that they walk away from exhausted, but victorious.

Image above:  The Lancer Women’s Basketball team, (L to R:  Lauren Godfrey, Melissa Goss, Pam Miller, Brooke Treadway, Rachel Montgomery, Lexi Minix, Olivia Pearson and Kyannah Stull) celebrate after their victory over the the Goshen Maple Leaves on Wednesday, Dec. 5.